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Tempe Vegan & PHX Vegan, LLC have partnered up to show support to our local vegan businesses.

Our local Phoenix area vegan/plant-based businesses could use our help. Times have been hard for many businesses, and we wanted to do something to assist. Many of us are not going out as much as we would like to, and we wanted to offer an option for those of us who want to support local but are spending more time at


100% of funds raised will go directly to Phoenix area vegan/plant-based businesses in need. To ensure the funds are spent responsibly and fairly, a local committee will be formed to help distribute the funds and ensure this campaign's transparency and legitimacy. We can assure you that any donations made will go directly to Phoenix area vegan businesses.


1. Donate to this Campaign

2. Share this Campaign

3. Make the effort to support local when you can

4. Purchase gift cards from local businesses to use later or give as gifts

5. Share local businesses posts

6. Volunteer your time. Use your talents to support them.

For example, website, marketing, accounting, food photography, and landscaping help

We understand times are also hard for many of you. If donating is not in your budget right now, that is okay. Help spread the word and see if there are other ways to support your favorite local vegan businesses.

We do have a 501c3 EIN we can share for tax purposes for businesses, organizations, and larger donations.

For more information, please email

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