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New Late Night Vegan Eatery opens in Tempe, AZ

New late night vegan eatery comes to Tempe, AZ. Located inside the Tempe Food Court, Solár: A Vegan Eatery, features Mediterranean and New American inspired vegan eats. Their menu will feature vegan chicken sandwiches, burgers, loaded fries, tacos, burritos, plates, and more. They will be open from 12 PM - 12 AM Mon-Wed and 12 PM - 3 AM Thur-Sun.

If you’re looking to pick up or dine-in, you’ll need to order on the tablet inside the Tempe Food Court and pickup your food from the front desk. There are tables set up inside for dine-in. They will also have delivery services available through delivery apps.

Welcome to the Vegan Valley of the Sun!

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