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Beaut Burger Opens Phoenix Location

Beaut Burger, a local Tucson vegan eatery, is officially open to the public at its new Phoenix location.

Let's meet the co-owners, Ari and Kerry. Ari started Sparkroot in 2011, a veggie coffee shop; Falora in 2013, a plant-centric wood fired pizza joint; then developed Beaut Burger in 2014 and launched in 2018 with my biz partner, Kerry. Kerry is a trained vegan/macrobiotic chef. Kerry did a stint at Tree of Life in Patagonia, which is known for their renowned food.

(Beaut Burger Co-Owners Kerry [left] and Ari [right])

Both Ari and Kerry are long-time plant-based eaters and missed the satiating feeling of a juicy burger and fries. They asked themselves, “why can't there be an animal-free version of Shake Shack?” Thus, after years of recipe and menu iterations, Beaut Burger was formed. They were in the process of expanding Beaut Burger to the Arcadia Neighborhood off of Indian School in Phoenix, AZ, and are officially open for business. For more information, feel free to email Let’s keep supporting and showing our vegan businesses and new businesses to the valley some love. Go get you some!

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