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For one week, restaurants, food trucks, and other food vendors will offer a special prix-fixe menu or an item that best represents their establishment. This is a great way to explore our food scene, take advantage of special menus at your local favorites, and support small businesses in the community. Join us as we explore and celebrate the best of our area’s amazing and diverse plant-based culinary scene and position the Greater Phoenix Metro Area as a premier inclusive dining destination.




Each dining establishment, whether that’s a restaurant, food truck, or cart will offer a three or five course meal unique to that establishment and served for dine-in, and/or take-out, at their location. These specials will be available the entire week. This gives you the opportunity to try meals from several different participants at an affordable price. Want to hit up your favorite restaurant on Monday, try another restaurant on Wednesday, a food truck on Friday, and breakfast on Sunday? You can do that during restaurant week without breaking the bank. It’s a great way to explore our food scene, take advantage of special menus at your local favorites, and support small businesses in the community.


You’ll also have special deals from meal prep companies, bakeries, juiceries, and packaged food purveyors. Visit our list of participating vendors to see what deals are available during PHX Vegan Restaurant Week.




By joining restaurant week, you’ll receive ample promotion to thousands of people in the Valley actively seeking out plant-based options. This includes a listing on the site with your menu special, along with inclusion in email blasts and appropriate social media promotion. For those who purchase the premium package, you’ll receive priority listing on the site, special social media promotions dedicated just to you, and other promotional opportunities.  Promotional giveaways and special features on our social media sites will further engage diners to make their PHX Vegan Restaurant Week experience a memorable one.


You’ll be responsible for creating a three or five course menu, or other specials, if appropriate, that best represents your establishment and will be available to diners throughout the entirety of restaurant week.




PHX Vegan Restaurant Week isn’t just for restaurants. You’re included, too! As a food vendor, you’ll be listed on the site and, just like the food establishments, you’ll receive social media and email promotion and other opportunities if you choose to purchase the Premium package. You’ll be free to create your own offers outside of the normal fixed menu items that restaurants will be offering, allowing you to tailor your special package to your business and your clients’ needs.

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