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    Aaron Gilbert


    Instagram: @aaronxmovement


    Aaron is an ACE certified personal trainer, movement coach, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 nutrition coach (in progress) at Anytime Fitness Scottsdale Promenade. He has been a vegan for almost 7 years and has personally lost over 100lbs. Aaron has a background in baseball, martial arts, and weightlifting as well a love of all things movement - resistance training, handstands, yoga, calisthenics, kettlebells, mobility, and animal movements. He has a passion for helping others reach their goals and offers both 1-on-1 and group training with groups of no more than 4 people.

    Brendan Lentz


    (917) 647-7815


    Instagram: @brendanlentz


    Brendan teaches yoga, acroyoga, and meditation locally in Phoenix and around the U.S. He has completed an 800 hour training with legendary yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. Through sustained practice he has realized some of the benefits of yoga and non-violence. He enjoys sharing those teachings with all students who are interested in living more compassionately and authentically.

    Christian Coleman


    (623) 414-7929


    Instagram: @christiancolemanv


    Christian is a personal trainer / martial arts instructor based in the North Phoenix Area. Christian has trained and competed in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Hwa Rang Do starting in 2002. Through all of his athletic endeavors he was always looking for the best way to fuel his body, leading him to a vegan/plant-based diet in 2015. Christian is still competing in martial arts and is also competing in long distance triathlon, and long distance running races all on a vegan/plant-based diet. He is very knowledgeable in plant based nutrition and has helped transform lives through his knowledge in fitness and nutrition.

    Jess Hutchens



    Instagram: @jesshutchensfit


    Jess Hutchens, owner/operator of Flawless Fitness LLC and fellow vegan, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist. Flawless Fitness provides in-home personal training services, group-training, online training & nutrition, along with supporting/educating clients on all of the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

    Jody Winslow

    Instagram: @Jody_Vegan



    Jody has been a (Nasm) certified personal trainer for 5 years. He is located in the Central Phx & West Phx area. Going on his 3rd year living the Vegan lifestyle, he is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. His fitness knowledge & his background in motivational speaking gives him the confidence to say "There isn't a fitness goal that can't be reached"

    Joshua Russo

    Instagram: @plantbuiltbody_az

    (480) 382-5309



    Joshua Russo received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Central Michigan University and is currently continuing his education to apply to physical therapy school in the near future. During his free time, you can find him camping, hiking or trying out a new sport or activity. He has a passion for helping people get fit and stay fit along with educating his clients about how to live a healthier lifestyle. For Josh, learning and educating himself never take a vacation as he continues to take nutritional classes to always be on top of his game. Joshua has been vegan for almost 3 years. Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of his life and continue to be, but ever since switching to a plant based diet his performance and overall health and outlook on life are better than they have ever been before. Josh has been doing CrossFit for 3 years and has participated as both an athlete and a coach. He is currently working as a personal trainer at a corporate gym. Over the past 5 years Josh has taught a very diverse population including first timers to experienced athletes. His skill set extends from teaching Olympic lifts, gymnastic skills all the way down to teaching foundational work to beginners such as a simple sit up, push up & squat. Josh offers online coaching and programming, nutritional information and plans and in person training. At the end of the day Josh’s main drive and passion is teaching people how to accomplish goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

    Kelly Athletics



    Kelly Gibson is a vegan personal trainer in Chandler. "I have been helping women effectively burn fat, tone up, and adopt a plant-based diet to reach their goals faster than ever before. I work on my programs around the clock to ensure I offer the best available service for women and vegetarians from all walks of life. My focus is to deliver the results you strive for."

    Ryan Furman


    Instagram: @mainlyplants


    Ryan is a certified Personal Trainer & certified plant-based Nutritionist servicing the whole Phoenix Metro area and beyond. Combining over a decade of fitness experience with proper nutrition, Ryan will help you achieve your fitness while optimizing your health. Maintain and build muscle, reduce body fat, and increase stamina - offering everything from private 1-on-1 sessions, to food journal analysis, to grocery store tours, and much more!

    Will Tucker Fitness


    1035 N. McQueen Rd. Ste 106

    Gilbert, AZ 85233

    (480) 606-2520


    Personal training and small group fitness classes taught by award-winning vegan bodybuilder IFPA Pro Will Tucker. Small group training sessions offer the ultimate calorie burn to maximize your loss of body fat while maintaining lean body mass!! Maximize your heart rate zones by incorporating both aerobic and anaeorbic training. Most small group training incorporates TRX Suspension trainers, Water Rowers, Gravity Trainers, Free Weights and last but not least, your own body weight!

    William Diego Plantillas


    Instagram: @plantpoweredwarrior


    William Diego Plantillas, the Plant Powered Warrior, is a certified personal trainer who is certified in plant based nutrition. William offers nutrition coaching and accountability, personal training, body composition scanning, grocery store tours, and in home pantry/fridge assessment.

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