• Animal Activism Groups

    Arizona Vegan Education Group (AzVEG)


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    Instagram: @azveg


    Arizona Vegan Education Group (AzVEG) is dedicated to promoting a plant-based vegan lifestyle choices throughout Arizona; with an emphasis on personal health, environmental impact, and animal welfare.

    Climate Healers


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    Twitter: @climatehealers


    Climate Healers is dedicated to healing the Earth's climate based on the core guiding principle that compassion for all life is infinitely sustainable. We are working to accelerate humanity's Great Transition to a life-affirming global culture and create a largely Vegan World by 2026.

    Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)- Phoenix

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    Email: phoenixdxe@gmail.com


    Animal liberation. Direct action. Until every animal is free.


    Dolphin Free AZ


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    Instagram: @dolphinfreeaz


    Activists opposing any facility in AZ (and the world) that exploits animals financially, or otherwise. This is a community campaign and all are welcome!

    Earth's Hope

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    Email: earthshopevop@gmail.com


    -- Anti-Speciesist Veganism
    -- Education
    -- Non-Apologetic Rhetoric
    -- Direct Action

    The Earthlings Experience Arizona

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    Instagram: @earthlingsexp_az


    Inspired by the lovely activists in London we have decided to bring The Earthlings Experience to Phoenix, Arizona every first Friday of every month. This is a peaceful public outreach event where we put aside ourselves and focus on the disasters of using animals for food, clothing, entertainment, and all other forms of exploitation.

    Humane Society of the United States- Arizona

    Facebook Page
    Kellye Pinkleton (based in Phoenix)
    Natl Office:
    1255 23rd St, NW Suite 450
    Washington, D.C. 20037

    Phoenix Animal Save

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    Instagram: @phoenixanimalsave


    Phoenix Animal Save is part of the Save Movement, a worldwide network of compassionate people working to end violence to animals. Our goals are to draw attention to the violence being inflicted on the thousands of animals in slaughterhouses around the valley every day, to bear witness to their suffering, to become actively involved to stop it, to educate others of the violence on their plates, and how to eat and live causing the least amount of harm to others.

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